According to the 2000 Census, 479,198 people live within the Lexington Metropolitan statistical area (MSA), which is comprised of Bourbon, Clark, Fayette, Jessamine, Madison, Scott, and Woodford counties. Fayette county is at the core of the MSA and is home to the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government. According to more recent estimates, the Lexington MSA has about 489,491 residents.

The population of the Lexington MSA has grown at a rate above the national average, and at over twice the rate of nearby Louisville and Cincinnati.

As of the 2002 estimate, the Lexington MSA contained 196,532 households. Since 1990 that figure has been increasing by 2.0% per year, with a healthy margin above the national average and other cities in the region.

The population of southeastern Fayette County has increased by 4.8% or 1,061 residents per year since 1990, and the area immediately surrounding Hamburg Place has grown by 16.4% or 191 new residents per year.

Similarly, the number of households has increased by 482 per year within the Southeast Corridor and by 73 per year within a one-mile radius of Hamburg Place.

In summary, Lexington has experienced healthy population and household growth relative to the U.S. and surrounding cities. Within Lexington, much of this growth has occured within the Southeast Corridor and the area surrounding Hamburg Place. During the next five years, the population in this area is expected to encounter significant growth, as evidenced by the chart:

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